The Chaser's "YES WE CANberra!"

I worked with 3D artist Mick Watson to create this new brand for The Chaser's 2010 election special.

The fantastic them music was produced by the team at Turning Studios

“Yes We Canberra!” debuted on Australian TV screens this week, bringing back the notorious Chaser team to ABC1. Over the next five weeks the show will satirically cover the Australian 2010 Federal Election, under the guise of being a warm-up act for the flagship late night current affairs program Lateline.

Designer Patrick Clair and 3D Artist Mick Watson worked to create an entirely new look and feel for the project that could combine the Lateline world with a variation on the infamous Obama “Yes We Can” brand. Recent events have shown that our politicians are entirely obsessed with polling data, so it would make sense that their very own city would actually be built from the stuff.

“Yes We Canberra!” is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Polar Productions.